Sectormentor - Quick Setup Guide

Sectormentor - Quick Setup Guide

Once you've created your user, you can log in to the phone app & web app to start exploring Sectormentor... 

Download Sectormentor on your phone for iPhone here, or for Android here

Log in to the Sectormentor app using the login details you've created. When logging in for the first time, you will need to initially 'Sync' (you need an internet connection for this bit), so that all of your account information is updated to your phone.

You will need to sync in the same way after every recording session on Sectormentor, to ensure all your data online is up to date! Sectormentor can be used offline, without internet connection in the field, as long as you sync once you get back to somewhere with internet!

If you are using tags at set sample locations, follow the instructions here to write your tags. Otherwise you can set your sample locations with GPS.  

- You can either record activities on Sectormentor within a block (a known area of several rows of vines - i.e. a clonal block), or you can record at a specific sample site (usually a bay of 4 or 5 vines). You will see a full list of the blocks and samples that have been set up on your account once you've synced your Sectormentor app for the first time. 

- Remember to charge your phone before planning a big day of recording, and use the user guide if you have any queries.

- Update your app regularly to keep everything running smoothly. 

- Log in at with your email address & password you've set. 

- Explore Sectormentor using the sidebar!

Reports - This section is where you can find the key features and reports for analysing your data on Sectormentor
Photos - View all photos recorded - you can filter them by activity using the 'Advanced Filter' option
Map - Add your block boundaries to the map by following these instructions. View all your sample bays and soil samples that have been mapped with GPS,
 - View the full list of activities recorded on your account - the list can be filtered using 'Advanced Filter', and you can 'Add Activities', or edit anything that doesn't look right
Samples - See all your sample sites in one place - here you can add more samples if needed, or edit to add / remove information
Blocks - See all of your blocks or areas here - you can also add or edit your blocks from this view

We will go through the features of Sectormentor in more detail during your training demo - be sure to let us know when you're free for this. 

If you haven't received a password setting email, enter your email on this page to be re-sent a link, or let us know if you're having further trouble.