Soilmentor Organisations: How to set up your consultant account

Soilmentor Organisations: How to set up your consultant account


You may want to begin by watching these videos for a walkthrough of using Soilmentor on your computer (web app) and phone (phone app), and the differences between the two!

1. Organise Accounts

  1. As a consultant user of Soilmentor, you may have login access to multiple accounts, with different usernames and passwords for each account. Your usernames will likely be in the format 'farmname_yourname'.

  2. For each of these accounts, you will need to create fields, add users, and map the earthworm tool.

  3. It may make sense to create a spreadsheet for all accounts you're managing, so you can see them all in one place, along with your usernames etc.

2. Setting up each account in the Soilmentor web app

  1. First, log in to the account in question on, using your login credentials.

  2. Head to 'Reports' --> 'Earthworm Index', and select 'Earthworms' from the drop down menu to setup the tool. If a dropdown menu isn't visible, this has been done already, and you can move onto the next step.

  3. If you know the names of the fields / sites ahead of time, you can set them up now on the web app (or ignore this step and do it later on the phone app out on the field). Go to the 'Fields' or 'Sites' section (depending on how you've chosen to name them), and 'Add Field' in the top right. You can choose to 'Add in bulk' if you have a list of fields to paste in, or write the relevant field name and add land use, management info and hectarage if relevant.

  4. Similarly, you can choose to set up sample locations at this stage. Go to 'Soil Samples' --> 'Add Soil Sample', and 'Add in bulk' if you have a list to paste in. You will need to choose which field / area the sample site is within at this stage, and click 'Save'.

  5. If you need to add other user logins for this account, go to 'Users' --> 'Add User', and add their details. A password setting email will be sent to the address you provide so they can complete their user setup when you click 'Save'. If no one else needs access to this account, you can skip this step!

  6. Repeat these steps for every account you have consultant access to, so they're all set up and ready to go!

3. Adding info on the Soilmentor Phone App out on the field

  1. First, go to app store and download the app for iPhone, or for AndroidIf there are other users who need access to the Soilmentor accounts you are consulting on, ensure they have also downloaded the Soilmentor phone app!

  2. When you first log in to any Soilmentor account, go straight to 'Admin' → click 'Sync'. If you’ve already created any in the web app, fields / soil sample locations will now appear.

  3. If you haven't yet added your fields, you can do so on the phone app by following these instructions.

  4. To add a soil sample location within the field you've added, go to 'Soil Samples' from the home page, click the + button, and choose the field you'd like to create the soil sample within from the menu. You can then write the soil sample name in the grey box - e.g. Middle / Margin / Hedge / W Walk / Tree / S1 / S2 / S3 etc.)

  5. To map the GPS location of this sample site, click on the newly created sample name, click on the 'Map' tab, and add the location by clicking the three dots in the top right corner. You should be able to see the location you're standing in as a blue circle - we recommend waiting a minute or so for your location to settle, and moving the purple icon to match your current GPS location.

  6. Click 'Done' in the top right when you're happy with the location.

If you have no service / internet out in your fields, open the ‘Map’ section of your phone app while you have wifi / service, and the map of the farm will load before you go out testing. Your phone will then be able to locate you on that preloaded map even without internet!

4. Add soil test results

  1. Our soil test guide has our Soilmentor testing protocols, or you may have also created your own bespoke testing list.

  2. Go to Soil Samples on the phone app and tap the sample site you are at.

  3. You should now see a list of soil tests that you can do at this sample site.

  4. Click on the name of a test to record the result of that test.

  5. You can add a photo while recording results from any of the tests, by clicking ‘Add Photo’.

  6. Repeat these steps at the different sample sites in your field.

5. Add wildlife observations (if relevant!)

  1. Familiarise yourself with our biodiversity recording guide

  2. Go to Fields & Biodiversity on the phone app

  3. Choose the field you’re in

  4. Find the animal you’ve spotted from the relevant dropdown list (you click Choose Option to view the list)

  5. Record a photo in the app (if you can get one!)

6. In a wifi / service zone: Sync your data from the phone app to the web app

  1. When you are back in a Wifi area/ have mobile internet signal, go to the phone app homepage, and select Admin →  Sync.

  2. This will upload your data to view on your computer / internet browser - login to and check that the info you added is there.

Help and FAQs

1. Soilmentor Knowledge Base

Browse the Soilmentor Knowledge Base to find out more about how to use Soilmentor and see frequently asked questions.

2. Need to speak to us? Get in touch!

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