Soilmentor Demo

Soilmentor Demo

Interested in using Soilmentor on your farm? Check out how it works by looking at our demo account!

Download Soilmentor for iPhone or Android and access the data online here .

For both the phone app and web app please use the demo login details:



First thing: head to and decide which tests you want to do, watch videos to understand how to do them if you don’t already know!


- You can download Soilmentor for iPhone or Android . Once downloaded and logged in (login details above). 

1. First thing to do is Sync to download all the data!
2. Click Soil Samples → should see list of the sample sites within demo fields. 
3. Select a sample site (e.g Mud Mead - S01) either from the list, or by selecting the Map tab in the tab bar above and selecting a sample site on the map.
4. A series of drop down lists will appear, with different types of tests you might want to record at that sample site.
5. Select ‘Regen Indicators - > Earthworms’ and you can enter an example number of earthworms -  ‘15’, and you can then make a note in the notes section. To add a photo click the little camera icon just above the save button. Once you are happy - hit 'Save'.
6. Great! You just recorded your first soil observation. Select the 'History' tab to see the earthworm count you just recorded and any past results recorded at this sample location. You can click on the earthworm count activity to edit it if you made a mistake.
7. When you’re on Wifi you can press Sync (back on homepage) and all the info you’ve recorded will be available to view online (more on this later)… 
8. In order to add a biodiversity recording, go back to the home screen, click on ‘Fields & Biodiversity’ rather than ‘Samples’ on the Soilmentor menu, select the field you’ve spotted the wildlife in and you can then choose which creature list is relevant and scroll through to find the relevant creature!


- In any web browser go to and click the login button top right. Then login using the same login details as above. (This is best viewed on a computer or tablet)

- First page you see is the home page. 

- Go to Soil Samples in the menu bar → then click on a sample site in a field name (e.g Mud Mead - S01) to see all the photos and test results for that field

- In the menu bar select ‘Regen Dashboard’ → You can click on the numerical results of any regen indicator to better understand what that result means and suggested actions to take in order to improve it.
- In the menu bar select ‘Reports’ → Go to ‘Earthworm Report’ to overview your earthworm numbers, or compare differences between fields & cropping types. 

- Go to ‘Biodiversity’ report to view your farm’s wildlife trends by year or season, which species you’re seeing more or less often, and which fields are the most biodiverse.
- Go to ‘Trends’ report →
Go to the ‘Activity’ dropdown at the top of the Trends page, and select which test you’re interested in viewing trends of (e.g. earthworms) , and fill in the rest of the form to look at how results are progressing over time! If you leave the dates field blank, it will automatically look at all activities. 

- In the menu bar select Photos → look through all photos. Click on them to zoom in. Once zoomed in click on the name below to find out any further info about that field.