Sectormentor Demo

Sectormentor Demo

Inerested in using Sectormentor in your vineyard? Check out how it works by using our demo account!

Download Sectormentor for iPhone or Android and head to and select Login (in the menu in the top right hand corner)

For both the phone app and web app please use the demo login details:



PHONE instructions

- You can download Sectormentor for iPhone or Android 

- Once downloaded and logged in (login details above). First thing to do: make sure you have internet connection and go Admin → Sync

The phone is how you easily record everything in the field!

- select Sample, click Map and you will see your sample sites. Select one and then click the name of it and try adding ‘bunches per vine’ count. Select 'History' tab and you will see bunches per vine added to the activity list. Click on it and you can easily update it, or add notes if you forgot. 

- Go back to the home screen, select Block. Let’s add a treatment of compost -> select one of the blocks and select Treatment, select the option ‘compost’ and add in any notes about the spreading density.. (Note the list of treatments is easily customised for your needs). You can also take a photo using the 'Add Photo' button.

- On the home screen, select Admin - Sync to upload the data you have added to be stored online.

(You can't use any of the contactless scanning or writing tags functionality right now as you don't have the contactless tags)

ONLINE instructions

- In any browser go to and select Login (in the menu in the top right hand corner) and login using the same login details as above. (This is best viewed on a computer or tablet)

- The first page you see after logging in is the home page → the online dashboard is how everything you recorded in the field is quickly and easily turned into useful insights

- Click on the ‘Reports’ tab (left hand side menu) → At bottom of the page select Harvest, - change the date range to Harvest 2020 and show yield prediction in kg. Scroll down to see a number of different graphs here, each looking at the actual yield for each block and how that compared to your prediction.

- Click on the ‘Reports’ tab (left hand side menu) → Select Yield Predictor, you will see a graph of predictions so far for the year, scroll down below the graph to select a prediction to see the details of that prediction. To add a new prediction select the purple button towards the top right of the screen.

- Click on the ‘Reports’ tab → Select Vine Health Indicator, scroll down to see a number of different visualisations, each looking at how you can manage your vine health and vigour.

- Click on the ‘Reports’ tab in the left hand side menu → Select Ripeness Indicator,”by block” set date range to Harvest 2021 to see a relevant data set. To hide certain blocks click on their name in the key above the graph. To see historical ripening patterns of a certain block, e.g Ortega New select "Go to historical grape ripeness" top right of the graph. Select a block e.g Ortega New, learn from historical ripening patterns for that block

- Click on the ‘Reports’ tab → Select Phenology, scroll down to quickly learn the key phenological dates for each block each season and patterns between the seasons. As well as how the weather relates to this in the growing degree days report.

(Please note the reports are being improved all the time, so if some key functionality is missing, let us know and we will work with you to improve the report).

- Click on the ‘Reports’ tabSelect Trends, Go to the ‘Activity’ dropdown on the Trends page, select (for example) bunches per vine, for each variety → OK. Once the graphs are displayed choose the ‘Average’ tab.  You can compare average bunches per vine for each variety last year to inform management decisions in the years ahead. You can use the Trends area to compare and graph any variable you have recorded.
- Click on the ‘Reports’ tab → Select Carbon Stocks, then 'Earthworm Index', then 'Biodiversity' to see reports on each of these variables. You can also use graphs in the Trends section above to compare rooting depths, infiltration rates, rhizosheath scores etc.

- In the side menu select ‘Photos’ → scan through all photos. Click on them to zoom in. Once zoomed in click on the name below to find out further info about that vine. You can also see how taking a photo of the same bunch/bay through the season is a helpful indicator of development. Click on 'Advanced Filter' below the page title to filter which photos you see.

- In the side menu select ‘Maps’ → here is where you will be able to see an overview of your sample locations once you have recorded the gps locations of each. As well as the outline of each of the blocks.

- In the side menu select ‘Activities’ Click the ‘Filter’ drop down at the top. Select Activity -> Treatment, click Filter. A list of all your treatments will come up. You can also select Download at this point to export any information into a spreadsheet.

- In the side menu select Settings - here you can see how additional customised settings may be added to an individual farm. We set this up for you initially, but it means you can easily customise to your needs as your vineyard practices develop, or you get new treatments you are trialing etc.

That is the whistle-stop tour of Sectormentor. It’s all about quick and easy data collection whilst out in the vineyard, no messing about!

Then you can do all the analysis, learning and drawing out insights once back in the office using the reports and dashboard.
We can also make custom reports, contact us to find out more about this.