Sectormentor Sampling Options

Sectormentor Sampling Options

When choosing your sampling setup in Sectormentor, you have two options:
Set sample sites
Return to the same bays each time to monitor the vines there.
With set sample sites you can map your sample bays using the GPS function in Sectormentor, and/ or use contactless tags scanned using the app when you arrive at each sample site.
Random sample sites
Choose new random sample bays each time you go out monitoring.

We generally recommend set sample sites, as it allows for more reliable and precise monitoring, and gives you a better sense of how things are progressing over time. It's also easy to unwittingly introduce human bias when random sampling, which is reduced with set sampling.

Let us know which sampling set up you would like to go for when you return your copy of  this spreadsheet to us.
If you would like us to create set sample sites for you, please fill in your vineyard's row numbers for each block, as well as the approximate number of vines per bay & bays per row, so that we can name each sample site accurately. If you go for random sample sites, this information is optional & will be shown in your Sectormentor account if included. 

N.B. For most vineyards we work with, we set a sampling plan to monitor approximately 1% of the vines, which we have found is perfectly sufficient to get good sample data from your vineyard. Scientific advice for vineyard monitoring would suggest a sampling number closer to 3% of vines, which can increase the reliability of your yield estimates and sampling. There is a balance to strike here; increasing your sampling precision will mean your estimates will be a bit better, but at the cost of the extra time you will spend gathering the data as you will have to visit more sample sites each time. Unless you tell us otherwise, we'll therefore go ahead and set a plan for 1% of your vines, but do let us know if you would like us to go for something different - your sampling plan is up to you! We've created this short guide to explain sampling systems further.

Set sample sites will generally be named by:
- Row number
- Bay number(s)
- Variety / clone / rootstock if relevant

E.G: 01 r14 b06 Cha 76/Fercal

Random samples won't need to be named based on their row / bay number - we'll generally name them based on the relevant variety / clone / rootstock.

E.G: 01 RNDM Cha 76/Fercal