Soilmentor: How to view trends / reports in your data

Soilmentor: How to view trends / reports in your data

Log in to the web app, and click ‘Reports’ on the menu bar on the left hand side, and click on 'Trends' to make your own report. (The Earthworm Index and Biodiversity tools will automatically create you a report if you've recorded earthworm counts or any wildlife you've spotted).

You can then choose how to filter your results. The ‘Activities’ tab in the web app can be used as a reminder for which tests have been conducted in which fields if necessary.

You can choose a test to examine in more detail from the drop down bar next to ‘Activity’. You can then choose if you would like your data to be split (leaving every other field blank will create you a report of all your data). You can also choose a specific date range to view, or if you want to view all the activity you've recorded, you can leave this dates field blank. 

Click ‘Go’ and your data will be displayed.
At the top of your graph, you will also be able to choose to view the data as:

  • Average over time - a line graph showing average readings over time, so you can see how your results might have changed

  • Average - a bar graph showing the average reading for each category (e.g. Field).

  • Total - a bar graph showing the sum of all readings taken for each category. 

  • Count of activities  

  • Count with activity 

  • Source data - a list of all the source data used to create the graphs.