Soilmentor: How to view, add and edit users

Soilmentor: How to view, add and edit users

View user list

Sign in to the web app, and select 'Users' from the menu bar.

You should now see a list of the users of your account, with their name and email address

Add users

Select 'Users' from the web app menu bar, and select 'Add User'.

Add the new user's email address and full name. 

Once you click save, the user you've added will receive an email with a link to set their own password. 

If the user you're adding already has an account, they will be sent an email informing them that they have been added to access this new account, and you will not need to add their name when adding their email address. 

N.B. The password setting link expires in 3 days if it hasn't been used. If you need to send a new password setting email, you can enter any email address to the 'Forgot my password' page

Edit users

You can click ‘edit’ next to a user to edit their details, or 'deactivate user' to remove their access.