How to upload your block boundaries

How to upload your block boundaries

Mapping your block boundaries in Sectormentor makes it easy and quick to visualise your vineyard in the app, and it's a useful way to navigate around your blocks to samples when you're out monitoring in the field! 

In order to upload your block boundaries to Sectormentor, you'll first need to prepare a 'KML' file to be uploaded using an external tool.

We recommend 
using Google Earth, and following these steps:
  1. Find your vineyard on Google Earth - you can search for your post code to bring up the right area.
  2. Go to 'Projects' on the left hand side menu bar --> 'New Project' --> 'Create KML file' --> name the project with your vineyard / farm name on Sectormentor. 
  3. Go to 'New Feature' --> 'Draw line or shape', and click on the map to draw a shape around one of your fields. Name this completed shape with the exact naming you've used on Sectormentor for this block. 
  4. Click on the back button, and repeat step #3 until you have mapped each of your Sectormentor fields. 
  5. Click the 3 dot icon when you are finished mapping, and 'Export as KML file'.

Now you have a KML file, you can upload it on the Sectormentor web app, in the 'Map' section. 

Get in touch with us at if you have any questions, or would like support with this.