How to add / update the GPS location of a sample bay

How to add / update the GPS location of a sample bay

If you have absolutely no signal in your field, you will need to open the map on your phone before leaving the office, so that your phone can load your farm’s map data in advance. Once this has been done, you will be able to use the map offline. 

You can either add the GPS location for a sample site you have already added, or you can add and name sample sites as you go while out in the field.

When you're out on the field at your chosen sampling site, open the Sectormentor phone app, go to 'Samples', select the sample you're at, and click the 'Map' tab. 
Then click the three dots in the top right, and ‘Add location’. 

You can then move the map around until the pin is at the location of your sample site. Your location will be shown as a blue dot on the map. 

Click ‘Done’ when you feel happy that the location of the pin is correct. You can then add any activities under the sample as normal, or repeat these instructions for another sample site. If you set the location in the wrong place, just click ‘update sample location’ and move the pin to the correct location.

Remember to ‘Sync’ your data into your account when you’ve finished adding locations or recording data, to make sure all of your activities are saved. 

You may need to wait 30 seconds or so to let the map settle as it works out your location, especially if you don’t have much signal in your field.
N.B: If you haven't already added the sample site you want to map on Sectormentor, select then + button, select the correct block and add the name of the sample site. NB: We suggest choosing names that help identify the location, such as block - row no. - bay no.