Soilmentor: How to add, edit or backdate activities on your phone

Soilmentor: How to add, edit or backdate activities on your phone

On your phone app, select the sample (or Field) you want to add an activity under. 

Making sure you are in the 'Add' tab, select the relevant activity from the list, and add the value that you’ve recorded. You can also add any additional notes here you may have noticed while testing.

How to edit / delete: If you realise that you’ve added an incorrect value, and you haven’t yet synced, make sure you have selected the relevant sample site, and go to the 'History' tab. Here you can tap on the activity, edit the value you entered and/or change the date by tapping the pencil and click ‘done’ to save.

However, once you’ve clicked ‘Sync’, the data will have already shifted onto your account, and you will only be able to edit the value once your back on your computer. Similarly, you can only delete an activity on your computer - so if you realise you want to delete something while out on the field, you can go to the 'History' tab and edit the activity by adding a note to remind you to delete it later on your computer.

How to add an activity that happened in the past (backdate)

In the app

Go to the sample, add the reading, then tap on the history tab in that sample, tap on the reading you just added, tap the pen symbol next to the date and time, update the date and time and tap done.

In your online account (login:
For readings already added in the app. Go to Activities, click edit next to the reading you want to backdate, update the date field, click save (bottom of page).

When you’ve finished your sampling or updating samples for the day, remember to click ‘Sync’ to transfer your data into your account.