How do I add info that has happened in the past / in previous years?

How do I add info that has happened in the past / in previous years?

You can add new information onto your Sectormentor account through the phone app or the web app dashboard.

Web app: Login on any browser. Go to Activities, click the 'Add activities' button top right and select whether you are adding information for a Block(s) or a Sample(s). Select the Block/Sample you want to add activities for. You can add multiple activities at once for the same date by selecting multiple activities from the dropdown Activity list. Change the date to the appropriate date in the past. Select Next, you can add the value and any notes for each of the activities you selected. Once you save those will be added to the account.

Phone app: Login to the Sectormentor phone app, select whichever sample or block you want to add information for, and select the relevant activity. You can then click where it says ‘Today’ and change the date to the date that this activity was recorded.

NB: On iOS - if you are scrolling back to previous years, you are not able to see the year. If you scroll back on the months past Dec it will know it is a previous year, but often the best way to upload previous years data is to do it on the web app, or for large amounts of data fill in the upload template (email us and we can send you this!) and we can upload it for you.

E.G. Say you want to record last year’s bud burst date in Pinot Noir Block 03:

Select ‘Blocks’ → Select ‘PNO Block 03’ → Select ‘Bud Burst’ → Change ‘Today’ to the date of your bud burst last year → Add a note for your records if necessary → Click ‘Save’!